Environmentally minded teens making local connections!

ECO-ACT participants in a trust exercise Eco-Act is an environmental leadership program for juniors and seniors in high school, operated by the Missouri Botanical Garden in partnership with St. Louis area schools and districts that has been around since 1981 with generous gifts and an endowment by the Saigh Foundation. High school junior and senior students enroll for a full year and receive course credit from their schools.

During the Program Participants

ECO-ACTor leading a field trip

  • Teach Elementary classes ecology lessons once a month during the school year.
  • Research and present on local environmental issues.
  • Attend outdoor adventure activities to increase ecology knowledge, to communication and teamwork skills, and to gain confidence.

Program Components

  • Participants complete two weeks of summer training lead by Missouri Botanical Garden staff.
  • Participants have a class period scheduled into their course load for Eco-Act to teach in prepare for teaching, teach in the fourth grade classroom, and complete group projects.
  • Participants attend a monthly after school workshop at the Garden.
  • Participants attend a weekend outing once a semester.

Get Involved
Applications are open for the 2023–2024 School Year. Apply Now

ECO-ACTorsStudents must be attending a participating High School to enroll in the program. Current high school partners include: Metro Classical and Academic High School, University City, Rosati-Kain High School, and Nerinx Hall.

For more information, contact the Eco-Act Program Coordinator at (314) 577-9528 or e-mail eco-act@mobot.org.

Interested in hosting Eco-Act at your school, but are looking for more information? We'd be happy to help! Please contact the Eco-Act Program Coordinator at (314) 577-9528 or e-mail eco-act@mobot.org.