Participant arranging flowersExperience the joy that flowers bring into your life! Take part in a monthly flower arranging program. This program will provide participants with a hands-on experience that is both therapeutic and educational.

How it works:
A facility can sign up for the “A Room with a Bloom” program for only one month or a whole year. Each month we will bring in fresh flowers and herbs (depending on the season) for the participants to create their very own arrangement. The theme of the bouquet will change each month.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Fresh flowers provide joy and stress reduction
  • Use of hands…working fine motor skills
  • Social interaction…increase communication opportunities
  • Memory recall
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Conversation piece when family visits
  • Creative outlet using fresh flowers

Fee per participant: $5 (arrangement in decorative sleeve) or $8 (arrangement in a basket)
Sign up for six or more programs in 2017 and receive a discount.

Participants: 10 participants minimum and 15 participants maximum

For further inquiries about this program, please call (314) 577-9506.


Therapeutic Horticultural Programs at the Garden are made possible
through contributions by:

Friends and family of Dr. Samuel D. Soule
Dr. Oscar and Barbara Soule
Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation
E. Reuben and Gladys Flora Grant Charitable Trust
Mary Anne Lucas Fund
Van Evera Foundation
Maritz Corporation