Adult Education classes led by Therapeutic Horticulture staff are designed to address well-being through a variety of topics. Discover ways to deepen your connection to nature through these offerings.

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PathPath to Inspirational Journaling
Tuesday, April 18; 9:30–11 a.m. or
Tuesday, May 9; 9:30–11 a.m.
How do you preserve the moment when you find yourself in a place that has much to offer your senses? We can bring that experience more alive through sketching and writing.


HerbsBeyond the Growing Season: Growing
Thursday, April 20; 5–6:30 p.m.
Growing certain flowers and herbs can provide a bounty beyond the season.


Nature mandalaNature Mandala
Thursday, April 27; 5–6:30 p.m. or
Tuesday, June 20; 10–11:30 a.m.
Use the practice of gathering natural materials and creating mandalas to promote relaxation, explore the concept of impermanence, and deepen your connection to the natural world.


Zig zag bridge in Japanese GardenJourney to Well-being Basics
Tuesday, May 16; 10–11:30 a.m. or
Thursday, June 22; 5–6:30 p.m.
This intentional walking program is designed to experience the calming, restorative powers of nature. 


Sensory GardenCreating a Sensory Garden
Thursday, May 18; 5–6:30 p.m.
All gardens appeal to our senses, but sensory gardens aim to maximize our sensory experience with plants that have delightful scents, textures, colors, shapes, and flavors.


Book Club symbol of tree on bookBook Club—Gathering Moss
Thursday, August 10; 4–5 p.m.
Join Education staff for a nature-based book club. Explore how humans connect to the natural world through literature.


HerbsBeyond the Growing Season: Harvesting
Thursday, August 17; 5–6:30 p.m.
Learn techniques for drying and pressing, including creating a simple drying rack for your space.