Sustainability Mission Statement

Earth is a living resource that has various ecosystems and living environments, each with its own unique difficulties. It is vital that steps are taken now to be able to enjoy the beauty of this planet for generations to come. At the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House, it is our goal to promote learning and sustainability of butterflies in their natural habitats. We strive to be part of the change that leads people to a life that is sustainable.

Building Operations

We have adapted the Garden's commitment to inspiring and educating all members of our local region about the benefits of being good environmental stewards. Some instances are:

  • Having a smoking/vaping free environment
  • Installing LED light bulbs throughout the building
  • Kitchen space available for staff and volunteers to lower single use containers and flatware
  • Single Stream Recycling and TerraCycling available for staff and volunteers. TerraCycle collects hard to recycle products.
  • Workplace battery recycling
  • Build new exhibits and work stations with plyboo material


Our horticulture department has made large efforts to reduce their waste and reuse materials where applicable. 

  • Hand water all plants to limit water use instead of a sprinkler system
  • Reuse plastic and clay pots
  • Put in native host plants and nectar sources for beneficial insects
  • Compost garden clippings

Special Events

Events at the Butterfly House utilize sustainable practices as well. 

  • Zero waste stations provided at all public and private events
  • All caterers compost waste
  • Compostable cups, plates, and flatware or chinaware are available to all vendors