In this collection, you will find many of the plants that are housed in our Conservatory and are visited frequently by our butterflies.  In addition, many of the plants in our outdoor  butterfly gardens are also listed.   

The first item for each plant is its Latin name and this link will take you to additional information about the species.

Psiguria tabascensis

Scientific Name: Psiguria tabascensis
Common Name: Tropical Cucumber Vine
Native Location: Central America
Description: This aggressive non-native vine blooms endlessly throughout the year in the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House Conservatory making it a cornerstone plant for our nectar collection. Its flowers are a bright orange-red in color and upon fertilization give way to a small, cucumber fruit. It can be seen grabbing hold of tree canopies and support structures with tendrils used for bracing itself high up where more light is readily available. The leaves are rounded and three-lobed. Psiguria prefers wet saturated soil and lots of humidity.

<i>Psiguria tabascensis</i>