CCSD takes great pride in its extremely successful training/practice fellowships at the Missouri Botanical Garden, a program that has grown significantly in scope over the years.

The fellowships, which are well established and prestigious, provide opportunities for individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree and have achieved a certain level of professional development to carry out meaningful work in a first-class plant science and conservation institution. The fellows also have opportunities to interact with the scientific staff at the Garden/CCSD, as well as with graduate students and other visitors, and to establish contact with faculty at local universities to explore possibilities for pursuing graduate studies.

Learn more about Fellowships offered in 2024 - Application deadline: July 31, 2024.




Remote Fellowships for 2021

  • Fellowship "Christopher Davidson and Sharon Christoph:
    Gabriela Fernanda Moya (Ecuador), Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica Quito, “Respuestas fenológicas de especies nativas y amenazadas para la restauración proyecto Minero, Cord. Del Cóndor”
  • Fellowship “Shirley A. Graham”:
    Enmily Dayanna Sanchez (Ecuador), Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica Quito “Hibridación natural entre dos géneros de la familia Amaryllidaceae en el volcán Pululahua”

Fellows, Undergraduates and Interns, and Post-Graduates mentored by CCSD staff in 2017

Argentina: Alicia Lopez

Brazil: Paola de Lima Ferreira, Raimundo Luciano Soares Neto, Frederico Domene (fellows), Colombia: Camilo Sanín (post-graduate fellow), David Andrés Quinche, Álvaro Mariño, Erika Daniela Camacho (Undergraduates & Interns)

Costa Rica: Gregorio Dauphin, Marco Cedeño (fellows)

Mexico: Jaime Alejandro Torres Montufar (fellow)

USA: Joseph Smith, Victoria Beishir, Elena Meyer, Isaac Wilson, Claire Waldman, Maria Balderas, Madalyn Stoecker, Renata Diaz (REU students)