The Missouri Botanical Garden’s Africa and Madagascar Program operates in several countries across continental Africa, and has had a sustained presence in Madagascar since the 1980s.

Our primary activities include:

  • Botanical exploration and research in plant systematics, including taxonomy
  • Development of the Catalogue of the Plants of Madagascar, which provides an authoritative source of information on the island’s flora
  • Significant contribution to MBG’s global botanical database TROPICOS©
  • Community-based management of priority areas for plant conservation in Madagascar
  • Building capacity of botanical research institutions in host countries, including the training of in-country students and experts
  • Advocating for plant conservation, including guiding ex-situ conservation activities
  • Applying conservation genetics approaches to inform threatened species recovery plans
  • Developing tools for spatial biodiversity assessments, including informing the identification of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)
  • Serving as an IUCN Red List partner responsible for promoting and conducting high-quality risk of extinction assessments and informing conservation priority-setting and planning
  • Advancing and implementing ecological restoration science

Learn more about our program’s efforts in the four main themes below