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The Missouri Botanical Garden has conducted plant research in the area for almost 30 years. Dr. Li-Bing Zhang and Dr. Si He oversee the Asia and Pacific programs.

The Garden was the coordination center for the Flora of China, an international collaborative project to publish a comprehensive catalog of all Chinese wild plants. Now published, the Flora of China and its companion series Flora of China Illustrations include full descriptions of 31,362 species and illustrations of about 20,000 species. This 25-year project began in 1988 and through 2013 produced 25 volumes of text, 24 volumes of illustrations and an introductory volume, thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between Western and Chinese scientists. The seres were published jointly by Missouri Botanical Garden Press (St. Louis) and Science Press (Beijing). All of this published information is freely available online here.

The Garden's work in:

The Caucasus


New Caledonia


Republic of Georgia





Explore the Garden's long collaborative relationship with Chinese botanical institutions. 

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