Graduate Students at the Garden

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Current Students 2012

Rani Asmarayani Indonesia. Ph.D. (USML) P. Stevens. Undecided.
Steve Callen Ph.D. (SLU). Advisor: Miller. Kudzu.
Genevieve Croft Ph.D. (WashU). Advisor: Raven/Schaal. Byrsonima (Malphighiaceae).
Jennifer Gruhn Ph.D. (WashU). Advisor: Schaal. Conifers and climate change.
Robbie Hart Ph.D. (UMSL). Advisor: Salick/P. Stevens. Rhododendron (Ericaceae) in Yunnan.
Claudia Henriquez Ph.D. (WashU). Advisor: Croat/Schaal. Anthurium (Araceae).
Laura Klein Ph.D. (SLU) Advisor: Miller. Grapes.
Shih-Hui Liu Taiwan. Ph.D. (SLU). Advisors: Barber/Hoch. Ludwigia (Onagraceae).
Isabel Loza Bolivia. M.S. (UMSL). Advisor: Jorgensen. Vegetation mapping.
Chrissy McAllister Ph.D. (SLU). Advisor: Miller. Andropogon (Poaceae).
Oyomoare Osazuwa-Peters Nigeria. Ph.D. (UMSL). Advisor: Stevens/Zanne. Wood anatomy.
Heritiana Ranarivelo Madagascar. PhD (UMSL) Advisor: Stevens. Undecided.
Jordan Teisher Ph.D. (WU). Advisor: Advisors: Schaal/Kellogg. Poaceae subfamilies.
Elvis Valderrama Peru. M.S. (UMSL). Advisor: Zanne. Lowland forest trees of Peru.
Kate Waselkov Ph.D. (WU). Advisor: Olsen/Schaal. Amaranthus domestication.
Justin Zweck

Ph.D. (SLU) Advisor: Bernhardt. Pollination in Asclepias (Apocynaceae).

Recent Graduates 2008-2012

Paulo Camara Completed his Ph.D. on the moss genus Taxithelium and returned to the University of Brasilia, Brazil.
Monica Carlsen Monica finished her PhD on Anthurium (Araceae) and has been teaching at UM-St. Louis.
Mauricio Diazgranados Studied the Andean Espelletiinae (Asteraceae) for his Ph.D. at Saint Louis University and is now working at the Smithsonian Institution.
Sara Fuentes Completed her Ph.D. at UM-St. Louis on the Physarieae (Cruciferae) and is currently working at the Missouri Botanical Garden Press.
Amanual Ghebretinsae Studied the genus Cuphea (Lythraceae) for his Ph.D. at Saint Louis University and he now works at Monsanto in St. Louis.
Cynthia Hong-Wa Completed her PhD on Noronhia (Oleaceae) and currently works on Plants of Madagascar for the Missouri Botanical Garden.
David Kenfack Worked on the genus Carapa (Meiaceae) for his Ph.D. at UM-St. Louis and and now works at the Smithsonian Institution.
Kyra Krakos Studied pollination in Onagraceae for her Ph.D. at Washington University and is now an Assistant Professor at Maryville University.
Nichole Miller Niki studied pollination in prairies and glades for her Ph.D. at Washington University and is currently a postdoc at the University of Missouri.
Brad Oberle Completed his Ph.D. on Dodecatheon (Primulaceae) at Washington University and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
Rosa Ortiz Completed her PhD on the Menispermaceae at UM-St. Louis and continues to work at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Taina M. Price Studied Phemeranthus (Montiaceae) for here Ph.D. at Washington University and is currently living in Utah.
Patrick Sweeney Completed his Ph.D. at UM-St Louis on the genus Garcinia (Clusiaceae) and is now in charge of the herbarium at Yale University.
Guoqin Yu Completed her Ph.D. on evolution of rice (Oryza, Poaceae) at Washington University and is now at the University of Maryland.
Felipe Zapata
Completed his Ph.D. on Escalloniaceae at UM-St. Louis and took a postdoctoral research position at the University of California, Berkeley.

Tatiana Boza Completed her M.S. thesis on Passiflora at UM-St. Louis and has returned to Cuzco, Peru.
Nuala Caomhanach Received an M.S. in Biology from UM-St. Louis and she is currently writing her thesis on botanical history of St. Louis for an M.S. in History.
Saul Hoyos Saul completed his M.S. thesis on anatomy of the Violaceae and returned to Colombia.
Juan Carlos Penagos Completed his M.S. on leaf epidermal characters of the Lauraceae and is now working on a Ph.D. at Ohio State University.
Pamela Puppo Finished her M.S. thesis at UM-St. Louis on the genus Calceolaria in Peru and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Portugal.
Carolina Romero Completed her M.S. studies at Saint Louis University and is currently working at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Vania Torrez After completing her M.S. at UM-St. Louis on GIS of Bolivian plants, she is now doing doctoral work in Holland.
Dilys Vela Completed her M.S. thesis at UM-St. Louis on Calophyllum (Callophyllaceae) and is working at UM-St. Louis.


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