Plant Systematics, Conservation Biology, and Ethnobotany

2012 REU Mentors and Projects

Here is a list of REU mentors and potential projects that have been proposed for 2012. Mentors are recruited throughout the fall, winter and spring. Check back for updates. On your application please request one or more mentors and projects. Following acceptance, mentor assignment is based on student requests, mentor requests, and what we feel will be good matches.

  • Matthew Albrecht – 1.) Evaluating the Effects of Climate Change on Midwest Plant Species; 2.) How Will Edaphic Endemics Respond to Climate Change?
  • Ihsan Al-Shehbaz - Morphology and Relationships of the Brassicaceae Genera Nasturtium, Warea, and Paysonia.
  • Wendy Applequist – 1.) Morphology and Systematics of the Genus Ptelea; 2.) SEM-based Authentication of Medicinal Plants; 3.) Sustainable Local Medicinal Plant Production: What “Foodshed” is Required?
  • Sandra Arango-Caro - Patterns of Habitat Suitability of Border Privet (Ligustrum obtusifolium) an Invasive Species of Missouri.
  • Peter Bernhardt and Retha Meier - Pollination Biology and Breeding Systems of Threatened and Rare Species.
  • David Bogler – 1.) DNA Barcoding the Plants of Shaw Nature Reserve; 2.) Pollen Atlas of Midwestern Plants; 3.) Conservation Genetics of Rare Plants.
  • Tom Croat - Aroid Flora of the Volcán Pichincha Region in Ecuador; Aroid Flora of Cordillera del Cóndor (Ecuador and Peru); Aroid florula of the Pacto-Mashpi Region (Pichincha Province) Ecuador.
  • Shirley Graham - Evaluating Seed Characters in Lythraceae (purple loosestrife family).
  • Peter Hoch and Kyra Krakos - What impacts do changes in plant phenology have on community pollination relationships?
  • Peter Jørgensen - 1.) Discovering New Plants from the Andes. 2.) Seed Variation in Passiflora.
  • Richard Keating - Digitizing Plant Anatomy Slide Collections for the Web.
  • James Solomon - Documenting the Plants Collected by Early Explorers of Western North America and Northern Mexico in the MBG Herbarium
  • Carmen Ulloa – 1.) Plants from the Andes; 2.) Seed and Trichome Variation in Melastomataceae.
  • Karen Walker-Meyer - American Indian Ethnobotany in the Prairie Bioregion of South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska.