Plant Systematics, Conservation Biology, and Ethnobotany

2013 REU Mentors and Projects

Here is a list of REU mentors and potential projects that have been proposed for 2013. Mentors are recruited throughout the fall, winter and spring. Check back for updates. On your application please request one or more mentors and projects. Following acceptance, mentor assignment is based on student requests, mentor requests, and what we feel will be good matches.

  • Matthew Albrecht – Conservation Biology, Experimental Ecology: Effects of Global Climate Change on Rare Plants.
  • Ginger Allington – Conservation Biology, Seed Banking Native Missouri Plants for Conservation: 1) Selection and prioritization of native species and sampling locations; 2) Establishing seed storage behavior information for native MO flora.
  • David Bogler – Plant Systematics: Flora of Missouri: 1) DNA Barcoding the plants of Shaw Nature Reserve; 2) Pollen Atlas of Missouri; 3) Conservation genetics of rare plants.
  • Monica Carlsen – Plant Systematics, Species Ecology and Evolution: The genus Anthurium in northern Central America – morphology, DNA, ecology and evolution.
  • Tom Croat - Aroid Flora of the Volcán Pichincha Region in Ecuador; Aroid Flora of Cordillera del Cóndor (Ecuador and Peru); Aroid florula of the Pacto-Mashpi Region (Pichincha Province) Ecuador.
  • Danelle Haake - Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology, LREC: Invasive species impacts on tree seedling recruitment.
  • Iván Jiménez - Plant Systematics, Evolutionary Analysis: Species delimitation based on continuous morphological characters.
  • Peter Jørgensen and John M. MacDougal - Plant Systematics, Monography: Monograph of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba.
  • John Kamanula - Ethnobotany, Natural Product Chemistry: Chemical composition and insecticidal properties of some plants used by small-scale farmers in Malawi for the control of field and storage insect pests.
  • Allison Miller - Identifying morphological traits associated with drought tolerance in grape: morphometric analysis of three North American grape species (Vitis acerifolia, V. riparia, and V. rupestris).
  • James Solomon – Plant Systematics, Herbarium Management: Documenting the Plants Collected by Early Explorers of Western North America in the MBG Herbarium.
  • George Yatskievych - Plant Systematics, Pteridophytes, Fern Taxonomy: Describing a new fern species from Africa.
  • Libing Zhang - Pollen morphology of Anisophylleaceae.