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Drs. Peter M. Jørgensen and John M. MacDougal

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Drs. Peter M. Jørgensen and John M. MacDougal

Missouri Botanical Garden, Harris-Stowe University

Research Interests

• Neotropical floristics and conservation
• Passifloraceae

Web Page: Peter Jørgensen (MBG), John MacDougal (Wiki), Passiflora Research Network, Passiflora subgenus Decaloba - its supersections and species

Project: Monograph of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba. A new monograph of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba is under development at Missouri Botanical Garden. The genus was last monographed by Killip in1938, but this work did not include the species of the old world. A revision was produced by de Wilde in 1972, but the two have never been put together in a single treatment and both works are now outdated. The new monograph will include 225–240 species. We have obtained loans from all over the world and all pertinent literature is at hand. We see this as a unique opportunity for students to integrate in a project where modern morphometric research is performed. The task of putting together the monograph is huge. We deal with approximately 500 names, more than 25,000 specimens, and many partial treatments in the literature. The geographical scope includes the southern United States to northern Argentina. The group is morphologically diverse, so the first task will be to learn about the terminology of the many different organs. The student will also learn normal curatorial practices and specimen handling. We seek student that can work under guidance, but are able to perform independently, and do so productively. We will provide appropriate training. We seek help to describe new species that are loosely defined currently but need full descriptions and comparison to other species and species complexes. Depending on interests and experience, students will be involved three Tasks:
1) Measuring - observing and recording up to 500 variables per specimen;
2) Data analysis - using one or more multivariable techniques to determine if the specimens assigned to a species name are homogeneous. We here seek students with some statistical analysis experience and knowledge of R. We envision the use of cluster analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Detrended Correspondence Analysis, and NMMS;
3) Develop a method to synthesize the measurements and observations of the specimens (assigned to a species name) into a draft description. We can extract the information from a series of specimens that task 2, has confirmed to be a single species. The statistical work to find minimum, maximum, mean values, and count frequencies of variables could be performed in Excel, and through a mail merge setup in Word lead to a draft description. But, there are other possibilities (such as R), so this could become dependent on the students’ knowledge and skills. Full credit will be given to students that decide to participate with publications commensurate with his or her participation.

Selected Publications

• Jørgensen, P.M. (ed.) 2009. Biodiversity and Conservation in the Andes. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 96(3): 369–520.
• Ulloa Ulloa, C., S. Álvarez Molina, P.M. Jørgensen and D. Minga. 2009. Guía de 100 plantas silvestres del páramo del Parque Nacional Cajas/Cajas National Park field guide of 100 wild plants of the páramo. Spanish/English edition. Pp. 1–90. ETAPA, Cuenca. [Second edition].
• Jørgensen, P. M. 2004. Three new species of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba (Passifloraceae) from Ecuador. Nord. J. Bot. 23(1): 11–19.
• Jørgensen, P.M. and M. Weigend. 2004. Passiflora inca a New Species of Passifloraceae from Peru and Bolivia. Novon 14(1): 79-83
• Pitman, N.C.A and P.M. Jørgensen. 2002. Estimating the Size of the World's Threatened Flora. Science 298: 989.

Drs. Peter M. Jørgensen and John M. MacDougal Drs. Peter M. Jørgensen and John M. MacDougal
Drs. Peter M. Jørgensen and John M. MacDougal Drs. Peter M. Jørgensen and John M. MacDougal
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