Plant Systematics, Conservation Biology, and Ethnobotany

2014 REU Mentors and Projects

Here is a list of REU mentors and potential projects that are available for 2014. Mentors are recruited throughout the winter and early spring, so check back for updates. On your application please request three mentors and projects. Following acceptance, mentor assignment is based on student requests, mentor input, and what we hope will be good matches.

  • Matthew Albrecht, Quinn Long, and Adam Smith – MBG, Conservation Biology, Restoration and Experimental Ecology. Project: Effects of global climate change on rare plants.
  • David Bogler – MBG, Plant Systematics; Flora of Missouri. Project 1: DNA Barcoding the plants of Shaw Nature Reserve; Project 2: Pollen Atlas of Missouri - Shaw Nature Reserve.
  • Rainer Bussmann and Alyse Kuhlmann – MBG, Ethnobotany. Project: Use-potential and conservation of tropical mountain forests in Peru and Bolivia: focus on Palm species in Bolivia.
  • Monica Carlsen and Nathan Muchhala – MBG, UMSL, Pollination Biology, Plant Systematics, Species Ecology and Evolution. Project 1: Fruit types, seed characters and dispersal ability in the genus Burmeistera (Campanulaceae). Project 2: Pollen characters and pollination syndromes as correlates of species diversification in the genus Anthurium (Araceae).
  • Tom Croat – MBG, Araceae, Plant Systematics. Project: Araceae Flora of Carchi Province, Ecuador: description of new species in Anthurium, sections Calomystrium and Cardiolonchium.
  • Christy Edwards – MBG, Plant Conservation Biology. Project: Using population genetics to understand the relative contribution of selfed/outcrossed individuals to populations of a federally endangered plant species, Lewton's polygala (Polygala lewtonii).
  • Danelle Haake – MBG, LREC, Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology. Project: Edge Effects on Microclimate and Vegetation in Small Wet-Mesic Prairies.
  • Iván Jiménez – MBG, CCSD, Conservation Ecology. Project: Spatial variation in plant species range size and botanical collection effort.
  • Allison Miller - St. Louis University; Genomics, Economic Botany. Project: Understanding adaptation to the abiotic environment in nature: morphological variation in two closely related grapevine species (Vitis riparia and V. rupestris).
  • George Yatskievych – MBG; Flora of Missouri, Plant Systematics. Project: Taxonomy of shrubby St. John's wort in Missouri, a possible cryptic species complex.