Plant Systematics, Conservation Biology, and Ethnobotany

2015 REU Mentors and Projects

Here is a list of REU mentors and potential projects that are available for 2015. On your application, please request three mentors and projects. Following acceptance, mentor assignment is based on student requests, mentor input, and what we hope will be good matches.

  • Matthew Albrecht, assisted by Quinn Long, James Trager, and J. Leighton Reid – MBG, SNR, Plant Conservation, Restoration Biology. Project: Regeneration niche of Ozark chinquapin (Castanea ozarkensis) in native Ozark forests.
  • Tom Croat – MBG, Plant Systematics, Araceae. Project: Revision of the genus Stenospermation (Araceae) for Central America.
  • Christy Edwards – MBG, Plant Conservation Genetics. Project: Quantifying levels of genetic divergence among geographically isolated populations of Delphinium exaltatum.
  • Peter Hoch – MBG, Curator/Director of Graduate Studies. Project: Seed coat morphology of Ludwigia.
  • Iván Jiménez – MBG, Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development. Project: Performance of rarefaction as an approach to account for botanical collection effort in estimates of broad-scale patterns of plant species richness.