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Tom Croat

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Tom Croat

P.A. Schulze Curator of Botany

Revisionary taxonomy of Anthurium (Araceae) sections in Ecuador. Tom Croat is the world’s leading expert on the large and taxonomically complicated philodendron family (Araceae; for more information visit One of the largest genera in this family is the tropical genus Anthurium. Opportunities are available for students to work on revisions/florulas of Anthurium sect. Cardolonchium in the Department of Carchi, Ecuador, and of Anthurium sect. Belolonchium for Northeast Ecuador (Department of Carchi and Department of Esmeraldas). These projects will involve helping to describe and publish many new species for the regions listed.  The participating student will learn to describe plants, key species in Lucid multi-entry keys, assemble images and prepare a key for the species described. This will result in the publication of a scientific paper, which the student will coauthor. 

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