Research Specialist
Madagascar Program

Dr. Nivo H. Rakotoarivelo is the manager of ethnobotanical research projects at Ambalabe conservation site, in Eastern part of Madagascar, which is one of the two conservation sites managed by the William L. Brown Center (WLBC) of the Missouri Botanical Garden in Madagascar. Since 2007, she has conducted and participated in several research and botanical explorations in different ecosystems in Madagascar. She becomes a specialist of the Malagasy endemic species of the genus Nesogordonia (Malvaceae) when doing her Master in Ecology at the University of Antananarivo. As an ethnobotanist, she has been conducting researches related to plant and plant uses in Ambalabe community since 2011, from which she earned her Ph.D. degree. So she has several experiences on ethnobotanical surveys and is used to field expeditions and plant inventories. As well, she also contributes in forest conservation activities at Ambalabe community. She is familiar with the local population and already conducted a project promoting community development. Finally, she is as well involved in taxonomy researches and has published some papers related to the Malagasy flora.


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