Meet Our Spring 2023 Interns!

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Meet Our Spring 2023 Interns!

Michael Mosier - Lindenwood University, BiomeSTL

Michael Mosier, a senior at Lindenwood University, is compiling BiomeSTL, an online "atlas" of local biodiversity data - as a project team partner Garden and Saint Louis Zoo staff and his GIS professor Tara Vansell. Michael is a dual major, Environmental Science and Biology, emphasizing Ecology and Evolution. 

"I'm interested in biodiversity," Michael says, "because it is a major indicator of a healthy ecosystem and because the balance essential to any ecosystem is strong when biodiversity is present. 

"Collaborating on this biodiversity project will hopefully get many people involved in doing their part to promote biodiversity in their area, or even just at their own private residence. This project utilizes GIS technology to help visualize where and what organisms are present in the STL region. Our hub also maps and describes investments in biodiversity that people are making, and resources like model policies that communities and individuals can use.  

"I hope to get a job where my work creates a more sustainable world, and promotes a more ecological way of living. I live in St. Charles and have a wonderful and supportive mom and dad and brother."

Thank you, Michael Mosier for your skillful, insightful contributions to BiomeSTL! We are confident you will realize your hopes and ambitions.


Madi Windsor, Grow Solar Community Education Intern

Join us in welcoming Madi Windsor who is working as a Grow Solar Community Education intern and helping out with other Earthways workshops/programs when applicable.

Madi's education background includes a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Freiburg University in Germany! 

Her favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to attend any sort of workshops that allow for more hands-on work and experience with professionals in the field. 

To remain inspired, Madi acknowledges the work that's being done to target teachers and children specifically to improve sustainability knowledge/approaches for the future!

Outside or environmental work, you can find Madi hiking, reading, painting, OR traveling. We are thrilled to have Madi on board! 


Elijah Narimalla, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Intern

-education background: Masters in Biology, Emphasis on Ecology

Let's welcome our intern, Elijah Narimalla who is actively working on the Greenhouse Gas Inventory to track the emissions, so that "we can reduce the carbon and nitrogen foot print, and save the environment - which co-relates directly to better projections in the future!"

Elijah joins our division as an intern with a Masters in Biology with an emphasis on Ecology.

His favorite part of the job is how there is always new methodology that comes up in an inventory because different campus/organizations have their own data methods. 

Predicting the emissions, which could help us act better towards the environment, allows Elijah to remain inspired and dedicated to his role.

Outside of greenhouse gas emissions inventory work, you can find Elijah setting out on a ride without any destination on the map.

We are thankful for your expertise and helping us meet our sustainability goals! 

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