Participation requires building analyst training and shell/envelope specialist training followed by online and field testing. The training for the two certifications can be taken simultaneously. Please contact us to inquire about our next classes or you may elect to take classes at out-of-town facilities such as:

OR take online training through:

Contractor working with blowerEarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden is a Building Performance Institute Affiliate and is available to proctor online as well as field certification exams. Mentoring is also available through our field proctor.

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Please let us know if you decide to pursue certification and keep us updated as to your progress.

If you are ready to explore how to become contractor in the Missouri/Illinois St. Louis Regional Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and want to learn more about training opportunities and requirements, please contact the ENERGY STAR Programs Manager at (314) 577-0228 or

How the program works

When you become BPI Certified we have all the equipment needed for you to practice your new skills. Contact for more info.