Couple relaxing on couchCertified HPwES contractors:

  • work in both Missouri and Illinois
  • are trained to understand your house as a whole building system, not a building of separate parts but of integrated systems. Training, certification, and accreditation are provided in St. Louis by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a nationally-respected contractor certification organization.
  • provide a diagnostic audit of your house using equipment such as a blower door, duct blaster, carbon monoxide detectors, infrared camera. Initial audits take 3 to 5 hours and cost approximately $300–$800. Homeowners receive a written report detailing improvement suggestions.
  • implement home improvements chosen by the homeowners, providing consistency throughout the project.
  • test in and test out each time they are in the house—testing the combustion equipment for safety aspects and testing how your home functions as a system to ensure the improvements made will produce the results requested.
  • participate in a quality control program coordinated by EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden. A percentage of every contractor’s improvements are evaluated by a third party quality assurance specialist.

View a list of qualified contractors in the St. Louis area.

Ensure quality with third-party verification
Missouri/Illinois St. Louis Regional Home Performance with ENERGY STAR provides quality control on the work of all participating contractors on their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR projects, through spot-checking of contractors’ assessments and completed home improvements to ensure they are following program protocols.