Sustainable Living At Home

EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden can help you make your home comfortable, healthy, resource-efficient and economical to maintain! Learn how to:

Every effort to green our homes helps take care of the home we share with plants and all other living things: our Earth.


Combustion analyzerENERGY EFFICIENCY

Green Home Profiles – 2016

Super efficiency has been built into three St. Louis homes: an "Earth Home Above Ground" that looks just like it's historic-district neighbors; Green rehabs that are transforming city blocks and generating jobs; and a 1960s subdivision home that now uses "Net-Zero Energy."

Spire Energy Efficiency Programs

Spire gives you money back to help make upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment easier. Check out all the rebates, financing offers and other savings that could apply to you.

St. Louis Area Home Performance

Resources to save energy and money in your current home, supported by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Video checklist of DIY ways to stop the leaks in your house—and your budget!

RainScaping GraphicWATER QUALITY

Rainscaping Guide

Learn how to incorporate sustainable landscaping that reduces stormwater runoff and improves local water quality

Staff gathering plastic potsWASTE REDUCTION & HEALTH

Plastic Pot Recycling
(currently inactive)

Help reduce the amount of horticultural waste in landfills

Detox Your Domicile

What's lurking under your sink? Learn how to "take out the toxics" and live healthier with tips from this video presentation

Living Green Life video screenshotGREEN LEARNING

Green Living Festival

Help your family, friends and coworkers live green! Join us every June for workshops, children’s activities, panel discussions, and exhibitor consultations that explore the links between sustainability, energy efficiency, conservation at home, and a healthy environment. 

Adult Classes in Green Living

Learn how to green your home and your life with a wide variety of class topics

Video Tips for Living the Green Life

View seven short videos packed with good green ideas, from solar power to sustainability defined, with lots more in between


Everyday Green Homes Resources

For your daily habits to major home improvement projects—and whether you DIY or work with a contractor—these favorite EarthWays Center resources can help you green your home, save money and live healthier.

Still have some Green questions?  Contact the Garden's Green Resources Info Service. Let us help you make the most sustainable decisions for your home, your health, your budget—and the planet!  

Everyday Green

Ventilation demo

Green Resources Info Service
Call (314) 577-0246 or email with questions related to green products, services and claims

Rainscaping Guide
Learn how to incorporate sustainable landscaping that reduces stormwater runoff and improves local water quality

Check out this weekly podcast hosted by our Green Resources Manager, Jean Ponzi

Volunteer for the EarthWays Center
A great way to get introduced to the “green scene” here in St. Louis

Special Events
At the Garden and events presented by our partners