Living the Green Life
Practical Tips from the Garden’s EarthWays Center

EarthWays Living the Green Life These short videos feature EarthWays Center's staff and students from The College School of Webster Groves and Sanford-Brown College. Click each video's title to go to that video on YouTube.



Greening Your Own Backyard
Greening Your Own Backyard
Raised-bed vegetable gardening, composting, and landscaping with native plants are options to save water, cut your backyard maintenance and enjoy awesome, healthy produce!


Cellulose Insulation
Yesterday’s newspaper gets a new (long!) life in this energy-efficiency exploration.


Green Citizenship
Green Citizenship
Federal and local environmental laws protect our health—and our participation is important in the process!


Geothermal (Ground-Source) Heating & Cooling
Learn how the Earth's constant underground temperature can serve as a renewable energy source for homes.


Sustainability Defined
What Does Sustainability Mean?
Understanding the idea of "Green," from a formal definition to everyday thinking and practice.


Solar Power
See how a basic photovoltaic (PV) electrical system works.


Green Life Characters
Tree of Life & Her Friends–Living the Green Life!
Enjoy this animated feature, produced for the Garden's 150th anniversary.
Special thanks to Maritz Corporation and to producer Dan Nace, Creative Ace.



These videos are part of a larger project to document the sustainable features and educational messages of the EarthWays Home. This environmental learning center opened in mid-town St. Louis in a rehabbed Victorian-era house in 1994; it was operated by the Missouri Botanical Garden through 2010. EarthWays staff and programs continue to serve youth and adults from our present location in the Garden's Commerce Bank Center for Science Education—and we are pleased to announce that work is underway to develop a new EarthWays teaching center on the grounds of Missouri Botanical Garden!

Video production support was provided by the Allen P. and Josephine B. Green Foundation and the Boeing Employees Community Foundation. Thank you!