Creek Corridor Vegetative Buffer symbolA creek corridor is the transitional zone where land and stream come together. The land and riparian vegetation or plants that live along a waterway form the creek corridor and create a vegetative buffer strip along the stream. This buffer strip is essential to the health of the stream as it absorbs runoff, reduces erosion, filters out pollutants, shades the stream and provides food and habitat for a number of terrestrial and aquatic species.


What Is Rainscaping?

Rainscaping is any combination of plantings, water features, catch basins, permeable pavement and other activities that manage stormwater as close as possible to where it falls, rather than moving it someplace else. In addition to rain gardens and bioswales, a diverse landscape that includes trees, shrubs, perennials, mulch and amended soils intercepts and disperses rain as it falls, and allows more water absorption into the soil and by plants. Click on each landscape option below to explore the range of rainscaping possibilities:

RainScaping graphic lawn alternatives green roof soil amendments yard management woodland restoration creek corridor vegetative buffer rain garden bioswale rock weirs and sock dams rainwater harvesting permeable pavers