Small changes in how your family uses energy can add up to big savings—of your household budget and of Earth’s limited resources! Inexpensive home improvements will multiply your investments of money and time. And your home will be more comfortable.

This short EarthWays Center video, provided courtesy of A.G. Edwards, shows how easy saving energy can be.

View entire video (with a running time of 10:36) or jump to:

0:00—Car and Driving Efficiency Tips
1:05—A Festival of Energy $aving Ideas!
1:30—Energy $aving Strategies
2:35—Stop Those Leaks! DIY Weatherization
4:33—Insulation Is So Important!
5:12—Use a Programmable Thermostat
5:32—Ceiling Fans = Comfort = $aving$
5:56—Light Bulbs for $aving$
8:06—Be a Smart Appliance Shopper!
8:40—$ave Water Too!
9:15—Sustainability = $aving$

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