Rock Weir and Sock Dam symbolRock weirs (a pile of stones lined up to slow down the flow of water on a hill) and compost filter sock check dams are used in place of traditional sediment and erosion control such as silt fences and straw bales. They:

Compost sock dam holding rainwater

  • are used to control and keep sediment from soil erosion from flowing downhill, as is the case in newly constructed rain gardens or bioswales where soil has been exposed.
  • slow the velocity of the flow of water, either at the inlet to the rain garden, the overflow of a rain garden or on a slope, thus reducing the potential for erosion.
  • when placed at intervals along a bioswale, they slow down the velocity of water flowing through a bioswale.
  • when used on hard surfaces, they prevent sediment from flowing into other areas.
  • aid infiltration of water into the soil by slowing water flow.

For more details on how and when to use filter sock check dams and weirs, see Stabilize Steep Slopes.

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