Our Butterfly Collection
Butterfly collection description

On these pages you will find many of the butterflies that we import for our Conservatory as well as a number of the butterflies that are local to our area and inhabit our outdoor butterfly gardens. 

The first item for each butterfly is its Latin name and this link will take you to additional information about the species. 

Ornithoptera priamus

Common Name: Green Birdwing

Native Location: Australia

Kallima paralekta

Common Name: Malaysian Dead Leaf

Native Location: Southeast Asia

Tirumala hamata

Common Name: Blue Tiger

Native Location: Southeast Asia

Parides photinus

Common Name: Cattleheart

Native Location: Central America

Graphium agamemnon

Common Name: Green Jay

Native Location: Southeast Asia

Biblis hyperia

Common Name: Red Rim

Native Location: Central America

Hypolimnas bolina

Common Name: Great Eggfly

Native Location: Southeast Asia

Danaus plexippus

Common Name: Monarch

Native Location: North America and Mexico

Nessaea aglaura

Common Name: Common Olivewing

Native Location: Central and South America

Chrysiridia croesus

Common Name: Tanzanian Sunset Moth

Native Location: Tanzania, Madagascar

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