Butterfly House Outreach Form

Registration for 2018/2019 programs is currently open; registration for 2019/2020 programs opens May 1, 2019.

Please complete the form below to request an outreach program at the Butterfly House.

This form is for registration for outreach programs. If you wish to schedule a self-guided tour, call (314) 577-0888 ext.2 to reserve your date. If you wish to schedule a docent-led program, click here for more information.

In the space below, please list the names of all other teachers whose classes we will visit on this outreach.
Example:   Jane Smith, jsmith@ourschool.edu
John Doe, jdoe@ourschool.edu 

Each program lasts for 1 hour and can accommodate up to 35 students.  If you need to schedule for more than 35 students, please schedule additional programs on the same day.

Please enter three possible dates for your visit, in order of preference.

Please take a moment and review what you have entered to ensure that all information is correct.  Then click 'Submit' to submit your request to School Programs!