Research specialists at the Garden
This page contains lists of MBG staff and their areas of expertise. To find an individual staff member, click on the first letter of his or her last name. You will see the person's name and their area of specialization. To find a specialist for a taxon, click on the taxonomic group and look through the list for a plant family.

General Determinations

Allen, Bruce Mosses (Central America)
Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan Brassicaceae (world)
Barrie, Fred R. Valerianaceae (world)
Churchill, Steven P. Mosses (Latin America)
Croat, Thomas B. Araceae (world)
Crosby, Marshall Mosses
Davidse, Gerrit Poaceae (world)
Gereau, Roy Caryophyllaceae; Fabaceae (Mimosoideae); Flacourtiaceae; Hippocrateaceae; Rosaceae; Sapindaceae (world)
Goldblatt, Peter Iridaceae (world)
Grayum, Michael H. Araceae; Arecaceae (Central America)
Hammel, Barry Clusiaceae (Central America); Cyclanthaceae
He, Si Mosses (Asia)
Hoch, Peter C. Onagraceae
Jørgensen, Peter Møller Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru (high elevation); Passifloraceae (Neotropics)
Keating, Richard Anatomy, Araceae, Solanaceae
Liesner, Ronald Neotropics
Lowry II, Porter P. Araliaceae (Africa, Madagascar, Pacific)
Luer, Carlyle Orchidaceae (subtribe Pleurothallidinae)
Magill, Robert E. Mosses (Africa)
McPherson, Gordon Euphorbiaceae (Africa, New Caledonia)
Ortiz-Gentry, Rosa Menispermaceae (Neotropical Taxa)
Pool, Amy Bignoniaceae [Subtribe Pithecocteniinae] (Central America); Lamiaceae (Central America)
Pruski, John Asteraceae (New World)
Raven, Peter H. Onagraceae (world)
Ricketson, Jon Alismataceae (temperate); Aponogetonaceae; Aquatic families; Butomaceae (temperate); Callitrichaceae (temperate); Ceratophyllaceae (temperate); Elatinaceae (temperate); Haloragaceae (temperate); Hippuridaceae (temperate); Hydrocharitaceae (temperate); Lentibulariaceae (temperate); Myacaceae (temperate); Myrsinaceae (world); Najadaceae (temperate); Nymphaeaceae (temperate); Pontederiaceae (temperate); Potamogetonaceae (temperate); Ranunculaceae (aquatics only); Typhaceae (temperate)
Schatz, George E. Annonaceae (world)
Solomon, James C. Cactaceae
Stevens, W. D. Asclepiadaceae (world)
Taylor, Charlotte M. Dialypetalanthaceae (world); Rubiaceae (Neotropics)
van der Werff, Henk Lauraceae (world)
Yatskievych, George Pteridophyta (Neotropics)
Zhang, Libing Pteridophytes, Flora of China

General Determinations  
Aquatic families Jon Ricketson
Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru (high elevation) Peter Møller Jørgensen
Neotropics Ronald Liesner
Mosses Marshall Crosby
Mosses (Africa) Robert E. Magill
Mosses (Asia) Si He
Mosses (Central America) Bruce Allen
Mosses (Latin America) Steven P. Churchill
Pteridophyta (Neotropics) George Yatskievych
Pteridophyta (Old World) Libing Zhang
Alismataceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Anatomy, Araceae, Solanaceae Richard Keating
Annonaceae (world) George E. Schatz
Apocynaceae James L. Zarucchi
Aponogetonaceae Jon Ricketson
Araceae Michael H. Grayum
Araceae (world) Thomas B. Croat
Araliaceae (Africa, Madagascar, Pacific) Porter P. Lowry II
Arecaceae (Central America) Michael H. Grayum
Asclepiadaceae (Africa, China) Michael G. Gilbert
Asclepiadaceae (world) W. D. Stevens
Asteraceae (New World) John Pruski
Bignoniaceae [Subtribe Pithecocteniinae] (Central America) Amy Pool
Brassicaceae (world) Ihsan Al-Shehbaz
Butomaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Cactaceae James C. Solomon
Callitrichaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Caryophyllaceae Roy Gereau
Ceratophyllaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Clusiaceae (Central America) Barry Hammel
Crassulaceae (Africa) Michael G. Gilbert
Cyclanthaceae Barry Hammel
Dialypetalanthaceae (world) Charlotte M. Taylor
Ebenaceae Michael G. Gilbert
Elatinaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Euphorbiaceae (Africa, New Caledonia) Gordon McPherson
Fabaceae (Mimosoideae) Roy Gereau
Flacourtiaceae Roy Gereau
Haloragaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Hippocrateaceae Roy Gereau
Hippuridaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Hydrocharitaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Iridaceae (world) Peter Goldblatt
Lamiaceae (Central America) Amy Pool
Lauraceae (world) Henk van der Werff
Lentibulariaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Menispermaceae (Neotropical Taxa) Rosa Ortiz-Gentry
Myacaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Myrsinaceae (world) Jon Ricketson
Najadaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Nymphaeaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Onagraceae Peter C. Hoch
Onagraceae (world) Peter H. Raven
Orchidaceae (subtribe Pleurothallidinae) Carlyle Luer
Passifloraceae (Neotropics) Peter Møller Jørgensen
Piperaceae Michael G. Gilbert
Poaceae (world) Gerrit Davidse
Pontederiaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Potamogetonaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Ranunculaceae (aquatics only) Jon Ricketson
Rosaceae Roy Gereau
Rubiaceae (Neotropics) Charlotte M. Taylor
Sapindaceae (world) Roy Gereau
Typhaceae (temperate) Jon Ricketson
Valerianaceae (world) Fred R. Barrie
Verbenaceae (China) Michael G. Gilbert
Vitaceae Michael G. Gilbert