The Missouri Botanical Garden's mission is driven by the need to protect and conserve plants and their ecosystems. Significant resources are invested in developing and sharing new discoveries in plant science and using that knowledge to help manage those ecosystems here and around the world. However, plants and their ecosystems continue to be negatively impacted by unchecked development, waste and pollution. Inspiring and educating all members of our local region about the benefits of being good environmental stewards through responsible use of natural resources and establishing sustainable communities locally is vital to achieving the Garden's mission.


Sustainable Operations

We are committed to inspiring and educating our local region about the benefits of being good environmental stewards and establishing sustainable communities through conservation, ecological restoration and responsible use of natural resources. Learn more

Green Resources Answer Service

Whatever your question, the Garden's sustainable-living experts are at your service! We can help you find Green products and services, evaluate Green claims and plan your Green home or lifestyle project.  Learn more

Contact us today at (314) 577-0246 or

Deer Creek Watershed Alliance

The Deer Creek Watershed Alliance has been facilitating a community-wide effort for over 15 years, with over 40 agencies, organizations, and municipalities forming this partnership to protect and improve water quality in Deer Creek, with a focus on native soil and plant-based rainscaping solutions. Learn more

Green Living Festival

Help your family, friends and coworkers live green! The Missouri Botanical Garden’s annual Green Living Festival is back in 2023 and will be hosted in a series of pop-up events during a “Summer of Sustainability” at institutions throughout the heart of St. Louis. Learn more

EarthWays Center

The EarthWays Center is a division of the Garden devoted to helping people understand how their behavior impacts plants and the entire environment. Learn more

Green Business Challenge

Businesses big and small can implement internal policies and practices to cultivate sustainable thinking and action in the workplace! Learn more

Green Building

Build Green with help from our partners. Learn more

BiodiverseCity St. Louis

BiodiverseCity St. Louis logo BiodiverseCity St. Louis is a community initiative to promote, protect and plan for biodiversity throughout the Greater St. Louis Region, recognizing our region’s reliance on biodiversity, the variety of life and natural systems. Learn more


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