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2024 Topics

  • Homegrown National Park
  • My Week in Plastic
  • Recycle Responsibly
  • Biophilia: Nature Spaces for our Human Places
  • Invasive? Native? Exotic? An Eco-Logical View of Plants
  • A Brief (quirky) hiSTORY of Ecology
  • Climate Change – Culture Change
  • Monarchs and Mosquitos
  • The Dirt on Compost
  • How Does Nature Do It? Zero Waste, Permaculture, Keystone Species, Biomimicy and more.
  • Stick a Fork in Food Waste!

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Sunflower+ Project

The Sunflower+ Project: StL is one of 4 winners of the St. Louis Sustainable Land Lab Design Competition. The team is led by Richard Reilly of the Missouri Botanical Garden's EarthWays Center and Don Koster of Washington University's Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. We are entering our fourth year in Old North, our second year in Dutchtown, and we hope to announce a new partnership very soon. Please visit the project Facebook page for numerous photos, volunteer opportunities and updates on a project committed to biodiversity, pollinators, and the beautification of vacant, urban land through sustainable, plant-based solutions.


Green Resources Info Service

Whatever your question, the Garden's sustainable-living experts are at your service! We can help you find Green products and services, evaluate Green claims and plan your Green home or lifestyle project. Learn more

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Deer Creek Watershed Alliance

Deer CreekTo help achieve cleaner, safer water in the Deer Creek Watershed, the Missouri Botanical Garden facilitated the establishment of the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance, a collaboration of partner agencies, municipalities and citizens. With the goal of showcasing plant-based projects that reduce water pollution, the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance has developed a comprehensive plan for the Deer Creek Watershed and implemented multiple bioretention projects throughout the community.

Learn more about this collaboration to improve water quality in the St. Louis area at and join their online community on Facebook.


Missouri Gateway Green Building Council

Missouri Gateway Green Building Council logoIn January 2001, the Garden’s EarthWays Center helped launch a local chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. That entity is now Missouri Gateway Green Building Council. Our shared work advances the Garden’s mission to protect plants by promoting life style choices that reduce human environmental impacts. Missouri Gateway Green Building Council strives to integrate sustainable design, construction and operating practices throughout the region’s building stock. The chapter now has over 600 members representing all elements of the building industry. Chapter headquarters and staff are housed within the Garden's Commerce Bank Center for Science Education. Learn more