Students collecting recyclablesThrough our school-based, curriculum-enhancing educational programs and materials, we provide classroom and teacher presentations and resources on solid waste reduction, recycling, energy and stormwater pollution. Lessons, projects and activities are hands-on, interactive experiences that teach students how they can make a difference. 

School Opportunities

Outreach Programs at Your School (by topic):
Sustainability Field Trips:

We offer field trips at the Missouri Botanical Garden for students kindergarten through the 12th grade. These provide opportunities for learners to build awareness and personal understanding of their role in the conservation of energy and other natural resources for the future.
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Past Programs:

Outside of School Opportunities

Outside of School Opportunities:


Teacher Professional Development

We offer professional development opportunities for educators in all roles and environments. Workshops often involve field trips, hands-on lessons and activities and meaningful discussions. Topics include energy efficiency; usage and conservation; reduce, reuse, recycle; clean water; and other sustainability topics.

Custom Sustainability Professional Development

Are you looking for a custom sustainability professional development opportunity for your school district or teacher training program? Contact Katherine Golden at for custom program options.


The Missouri Botanical Garden offers additional teacher professional development opportunities. Learn more