Fellowships at the Garden are often available to professionals who have received at least an undergraduate degree in the field of botany/plant sciences from universities, governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations in Mexico, Central America, South America, Madagascar, Vietnam and Tanzania.  Research fields are limited to plant systematics, biogeography, ecology and conservation.

The selected fellows for 2017 are:

Becas Elizabeth E. Bascom para Botánicas Latinoamericanas 

  • Alicia Lopez – Argentina - Instituto de Botanica Darwinion (ANCEFN - CONICET) - Sistemática y taxonomía del género Oxalis (Oxalidaceae) de América del Sur, con énfasis en las secciones Alpinae, Ionoxalis, Pseudobulbosae y Ripariae.
  • Paola de Lima Ferreira – Brazil - Universidade de São Paulo - Understanding the early evolution of Asteraceae: Systematics and Historical Biogeography insights of Barnadesioideae
Elizabeth E. Bascom Fellowship in Conservation Biology
  • Frederico Domene – Brazil – University of São Paulo – no project title
Becas Alwyn H. Gentry para Botánicos(as) Latinoamericanos(as)
  • No announced Competition for 2016-17
Shirley A. Graham Fellowship in Systematic Botany and Biogeography
  • Gregorio Dauphin – Costa Rica - Museo Nacional de Costa Rica - Catalogue of Central American Marchantiophyta and Anthocerotophyta
  • Raimundo Luciano Soares Neto – Brazil - Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) - Taxonomic revision of Tarenaya Raf. (Cleomaceae)
  • Jaime Alejandro Torres Montúfar – Mexico - Instituto de Biología - Morphological overview of the Arachnothryx buddleioides complex (Guettardeae, Rubiaceae)
The Fellowship is intended to support scientists by providing funding that will allow research to be conducted at the Garden, as well as allow participation in interdisciplinary activities that will enrich overall experience and strengthen professional development. Below you'll find information about the different fellowship opportunities offered:

Alwyn H. Gentry Fellowships for Latin American Botanists
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Shirley A. Graham Fellowships in Systematic Botany and Biogeography
The Shirley A. Graham Fellowships in systematic botany and biogeography were established to honor and celebrate Dr. Shirley A. Graham’s contributions to science, in particular to the taxonomy and evolution of the plant family Lythraceae. The fellowships are awarded to scientists from Latin America, Madagascar, Vietnam, and Tanzania who work in the field of botany/plant sciences. Download application