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On May 15, 2013, community stakeholders with a shared interest in urban biodiversity participated in a summit held at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This Summit celebrated the existing efforts and projects already underway across the St. Louis region to promote and protect biodiversity, while also identifying critical gaps and needs in the areas of biodiversity understanding, awareness, and willingness/incentives to act.

Summit participants urged the development and implementation of a regional biodiversity initiative. It is in this spirit that BiodiverseCity St. Louis — a community initiative to promote, protect and plan for biodiversity throughout the Greater St. Louis Region — will shape its priorities and programs. Learn more.

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BiodiverseCity St. Louis calls for everyone in our shared community — city governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, universities, schools, scientists, concerned citizens, homeowners, families and community leaders — to be inspired and take action. Take the pledge!
Project Profile

Bauhaus Botany: Maryville University Takes on Invasives

The greater St. Louis region is home to more than 40 colleges and universities. In terms of landscapes, these campuses range in size from a few acres to a few thousand acres. Throughout the region, several universities are embracing their role as land stewards. Student- and faculty-led initiatives are transforming campus grounds into productive, living landscapes capable of sustaining local flora and fauna, providing critically needed ecosystem services, and enriching campus quality of life.

Among the more creative efforts can be found at Maryville University, where students and faculty are focused on ridding their campus of invasive bush honeysuckle. Maryville’s annual “Goat Week” premiered in 2013, employing herds of goats to forage for juvenile honeysuckles sprouting up on campus grounds. Alongside the goats, machete-wielding students and staff work to cut down and treat the massive adult plants. Recently, this effort has evolved to include a Bauhaus Botany Honeysuckle Art Exhibit and Show, an interdisciplinary effort featuring art and other good made from honeysuckle.

Learn more about Maryville’s efforts to biodiversify campus life
A Community Initiative to Promote, Protect and Plan for Biodiversity Throughout the Greater St. Louis Region

BiodiverseCity     St. Louis recognizes our region's reliance on biodiversity, the variety of life, and natural systems. We depend on biodiversity, not only for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, but also for the basic health, livability and economic prosperity of our region.

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February 13–16
2015 Great Backyard Bird Count

February 21
2015 Backyard Bird Festival

February 21
Gateway Greening 6th Annual Community Garden Summit

February 21
Eagle Watching Open House

February 28 – NOW SOLD OUT
Partners for Native Landscaping Workshop

April 29 – SAVE THE DATE
Wild Ideas Worth Sharing: Global Voices