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Companies who partner with the Missouri Botanical Garden send a meaningful message to consumers, peers, and the community. They are socially responsible. They are good neighbors. They care.

The Missouri Botanical Garden is a beloved cultural institution with a powerful global purpose. Companies who partner with the Garden connect with people throughout the region, associating their brand with beautiful gardens, family activities, and international plant science and conservation.

Your company can sponsor festivals, floral exhibits, family events, and other special activities and programs. In return, you will receive special recognition, passes for employees to participate, and more.

Companies participating in the Corporate Partners Program make an annual membership gift. They receive Garden admission passes, tickets to public events, the use of our spectacular venue for company events, recognition among the Garden’s 47,000 member households and the general public, and more.

Corporate Partners can also appoint a representative to the Garden’s Corporate Council leadership board—a great opportunity to meet peers, exchange ideas, and influence the future of one of the region’s great cultural institutions.

Your partnership is good for the planet, good for the community, and good for your company. Find out more about how the Garden can help you build your brand while you help the Garden advance its mission. Forward inquiries to

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