Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum

The scientific heart of the Garden for more than a century before closing to the public in 1982, Henry Shaw's original museum has reopened following a painstaking restoration and offers a unique opportunity to view rarely seen art, artifacts, and more collected over the last 160 years. 

Shaw's Legacy

The 7000-square-foot Museum is located in the Garden's Victorian District. The Georgian structure was built at Shaw’s direction according to plans by prominent St. Louis architect George I. Barnett, for the purpose of housing the Garden’s original library, herbarium and natural history specimens.  

In the years after Henry Shaw's death on August 25, 1889, the original library and museum served a number of functions. Most uniquely, immediately following Shaw’s death, the Museum was the venue where his body lay in state for public viewing. In subsequent years, it has also served as a research lab and a time-lapse photography lab. It has housed offices, a restaurant, board and staff meeting rooms and computer class rooms, and it served as the Garden’s main auditorium until the construction of the Lehmann Building in 1972.  

A New Leaf: Reimagining Henry Shaw's Museum

Follow along on the painstaking 18-month rehabilitation of the museum building in this HEC documentary. 

Current Exhibitions

Botanical Art Worldwide: America's Flora
February 1 through May 5
Curated by the American Society of Botanical Artists and the United States Botanical Garden, America's Flora brings 46 botanical artworks of America's native plants to the Garden. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Connecting the Pieces: Dialogues on the Amache Archeology Collection
April 27 through May 12
Explore the lives of detainees in the Amache Japanese Internment Camp through the gardens they created.

Preserving the Past for the Future

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