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Deciduous Shrubs:  Tried and Trouble-free and Recommended to You!
Shrubs are defined as woody plants, which in comparison to trees, are relatively shorter in height and have multiple stems rather than a single trunk. There are some taller shrubs (usually over eight feet) that may also be referred to as small multi-stemmed trees.One of our favorites is the spring flowering and fragrant Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’ pictured here in its full glory. Add to that its low maintenance requirements; good adaptability to various sun exposure an...
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Great Boadleaf Evergeens for the Area

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Great Boadleaf Evergeens for the Area
Azaleas and rhododendrons are just days away from beginning their month-long display and gardener's thoughts often turn to them and other broadleaf evergreens this time of year. Not only for their splash of color but also for their winter foliage. Other good choices for broadleaf evegreens for our area are hollies and boxwoods.Of the popular Broadleaved Evergreens for the St. Louis area, Ilex (holly), Buxus (boxwood) and Rhododendron (azalea & rhododendron) lead a list of those that are ...
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