For Horticulturists & Gardening Professionals

Our PlantFinder is an authoritative database of over 5500 herbaceous perennials, shrubs, vines and trees which are currently growing or have been grown at the Missouri Botanical Garden. New plants are constantly being added.

Through the "PlantFinder" you can print lists of plants that meet specific criteria such as herbaceous plants with yellow flowers that are under 3 feet tall and grow well in part shade.

Integrated Pest Management Pages

Our Integraed Pest Management pages contain detailed information and images for the identification and control of more than 250 of the most common pests and problems of garden plants for the Lower Midwest.  Links are provided to detailed information on on many of the safest and best pesticided as well as available product names.

Kemper Factsheets

Our over 50 Kemper Factsheets provide you with in-depth information on a wide selection of popular and useful gardening topics - from lawn care to planting trees to growing vegetables or gardening indoors. Here is your best source for indepth information. You can browse by categories. 

Gardening by Month

In our Gardening by Month you will find a list of "Monthly Tips and Tasks" and "Monthly Pests and Problems." Use this resource to help plan your weekly and monthly gardening tasks and help identify the most common pests and problems that occur each month. The pests and problems are linked to our detailed Ingrated Pest Management information on each pest and problem.

MBG Plant Collections Database

Search the Garden's plant collection database, find where a plant is growing in the Garden and read about the plant.

Plants of Merit

The Plants of Merit are plants of outstanding quality and dependable performance for the lower Midwest.