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Plant for a Cool Location!

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Plant for a Cool Location!

Are you looking for a cool flowering plant for the holidays that will keep on giving well into the new year? If so, cyclamen can be a “cool” choice.

The slang and/or informal definitions of “cool” are good indicators of what the cyclamen plant is all about. From its variegated /speckled, heart shaped leaves to the unique flowers that rise above the foliage and range in color from white to pink, red and even purple, this is one neat plant. Given the right indoor location and care, this plant can remain in flower for several months.

Cyclamen persicum (cyclamen) is actually a bulbous plant that is native to the eastern Mediterranean with the florist’s varieties being hybrids of the species. It will only survive indoors in the St. Louis area and will certainly brighten a winter’s indoor décor.

The other reason the plant is so “cool” is that when it comes to temperature, it really does like it cool.  Here’s what a cyclamen will like in your home-

Light: Bright indoor light, will tolerate some direct sunlight, especially in a cool location.
Excellent in a filtered sunlight window exposure as long as foliage/flowers do not touch the glass.

Temperature: Cool! Temperatures of 65° F during daylight hours with nighttime temperatures 5-10° cooler are ideal. This plant does not like it hot-avoid placing near a heat vent or in an extremely warm room of your home.

Water: Cyclamen need to be kept moist, but not soggy. When watering, water around the edge of the pot to avoid rotting the bulb. Do not let the plant dry out to the point of wilting.  If plant is in a foil wrapper, make sure to poke holes in the foil or remove any water than drains thru the pot into a foil wrapper or saucer.

Fertilization: Not necessary, but if desired use a water soluble indoor plant fertilizer at half strength every couple of weeks. Do not over fertilize.

Re-blooming: While it is possible to get your cyclamen to re-bloom, the process involves a resting period of several months for the bulb. As with many other gift plants, re-blooming is difficult to accomplish and if successful, the results will not be as spectacular as the original performance.  

If you’re thinking of adding a flowering plant to brighten your home this holiday season, think cyclamen. When purchasing, select a plant that is just beginning to bloom in order to enjoy its beauty for several months.

Be “cool” and enjoy a cyclamen!

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