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Sunday Snow Brings Damage to Plants!

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Sunday Snow Brings Damage to Plants!

Sunday’s snow has piled up on trees and shrubs in the area and in some cases has already resulted in broken branches or crushed plants. Snow is a good insulating for plant roots but when it builds up on branches, especially arborvitae, pines and other evergreens it can cause damage. Often times the best advice is just let the snow melt naturally but, with care, sometimes snow that hasn’t hardened on the plant can be gently brushed off. Here is more information on dealing with ice and snow damage.

The other plant problem that a heavy snow can result in is salt damage from all the salt that is used on the roads and walkways. Many of our landscape plantings along streets, driveways and sidewalks will experience some salt injury. Our IPM sheet on salt injury will give you some tips on how to diagnose the problem, ways to try and avoid the problem in the first place and some methods to use to counteract the effects of heavy salt usage. You’ll also find a listing of some plants that are more salt tolerate than others.

Don’t despair, before long we will be able to enjoy spring, see those lovely spring-flowering bulbs and get our spring vegetables planted.

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