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It's Time for Edible Gardening

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It's Time for Edible Gardening

Interest in growing fruits and vegetables continues to increase and this being Foodology year at the Missouri Botanical Garden you should be aware of all the terrific resources we have available for home vegetable and fruit gardeners.

Two very useful pages have just been added in the “Gardening Help” section of the web site. These pages under the “Edible Gardening” menu contain links to a full range of information on both vegetable and fruit gardening. For example, on the “Vegetable Gardening” page you will find links to Kemper Center factsheets, visual guides and FAQs on how to plan and plant your garden, what crops to grow and how to grow them, and what to do when disease and insects trouble your vegetables. There is also a link to the very useful vegetable guides located on the University of Missouri Extension web site called “MU Guides.” The Vegetable Gardening” page is your one-stop location to get quick and easy access to all the vegetable gardening information we have in the Gardening Help web site. Later in the growing season don’t miss the two excellent Visual Guides on “Tomato Foliage Problems” and “Tomato Fruit Problems” and the detailed IPM (Integrated Pest Management) pages that include both organic and other controls for the most common vegetable problems in the St. Louis area.

On the “Fruit Gardening” page you will find similar sections and information, but tailored to the fruit gardener. Especially helpful here is the link to the fruit guides called “MU Guides” located on the University of Missouri Extension web site. They are very detailed and give excellent recommendations for varieties, pruning, and insect and disease control. The IPM pages linked to from this “Fruit Gardening” page are also very useful for organic and other controls for problems of fruits in the St. Louis area.

You will be able to spend many hours following the links on these two pages and reading to increase your knowledge of vegetable and fruit gardening. If you can’t find the answer to a question, we have Master Gardeners who can help. Call in your questions to the Horticulture Answer Service, drop in and talk to a Plant Doctor at the Plant Doctor Desk, or submit your questions online at PlantInformation@mobot.org. We are here to help you become an expert gardener.

Best wishes for a bountiful garden and good eating in 2013

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