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Candy Cane Mice

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Candy Cane Mice

Another DIY Holiday Decorating idea we've created here at the Kemper Center is Candy Cane Mice. It is a great project to do with kids and the volunteers seemed to have fun making them, as well. We thought it would be something the children would like while visiting the Kemper Center along with all the other holiday decorations. This also follows our theme: ‘Tall Tales: Anything with a Tale or a Tail."

The pattern was found on marthastewart.com. Download the pattern and trace it onto a strong piece of paper. This makes the pattern easier to trace when you are making multiple mice. You can use any color felt or foam sheet you want to coordinate with your color scheme. I chose light gray felt with stiffened pink felt for the inside ears. Fabric glue the pink inside the ears. Cut slits in the body: 2 vertical for the ears and 2 horizontal in the back (these are loops to hold the candy cane). Fabric paint works great for the eyes and nose; just a dot for each. Use the regular size candy canes and slip them through the horizontal loop then through the ear loop with the curl as the tail.

We hope you will enjoy making your holiday decorations as much as we have here at the Kemper Center for Home Gardening.

Do you have any real mice in your garden? A good resource for garden pests is the Advice, Tips and Resources page found in our Gardening Helpsection. It has detailed information on all the pests that might decide to visit your garden.

Debbie Kirkpatrick, Kemper Horticulture Assistant

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