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Birdwatching from this Cat’s Perspective

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Birdwatching from this Cat’s Perspective

I’m a cat and that is that! My life has been pretty good since I was rescued and brought into my new home several years ago.

As you can see from the picture, I spend a good part of my winter days watching the birds outside my back door. I am enjoying birdwatching from one of my favorite places among the tropical plants. From what I understand they not only provide me a good hiding spot but also help the air that I breathe.

However, what I really want to talk about is the birds. I’ve seen so many of them, some I recognize, and others I don’t. My favorite sightings include cardinals, goldfinch, purple finch, juncos, black capped chickadees, several types of sparrows, woodpeckers, and an occasional glimpse at a Carolina wren. Even a hawk flies in once in a while and sits in the dogwood tree and stares at me. We try to see who blinks first.

The hawk must wonder as I do, why are there so many beautiful birds in my back yard? One of my human “parents” told me that birds not only occupy my waking hours, but also were good insect eaters and helped the landscape in other ways. I suppose one of the reasons I am able to watch so many birds is because my “parents” have provided a lot of landscaping that birds like. The landscaping also provides a good hiding place when the hawk flies in.  I was told I should read the fact sheet on Bird Gardening to get some good ideas on what my feathered friends like and how you can get more of them into your yard as well.

How do I attract birds to my yard is a frequently asked question. As a cat, I really appreciate the view outside my window, although sometimes it is so exciting I forget to take my afternoon nap! But here is what I’ve also learned and observed:

In the trees outside my window are hanging things that I was told are feeders. There are several types of them including one that has this little black seed in it called thistle or (nyger) seed. There are a lot of little yellow birds hanging on it, and the chickadees and juncos are feeding under it.  One of my favorite sights is the woodpeckers hanging upside down as they feed from the bottom of the nyger suet feeder. I also like to watch the Cardinals and purple finch on the feeder with the mixture of black oil sunflower and safflower in it.

Another favorite thing for me to watch are all the birds that are drinking water from the bird bath near the feeder. My “parent” has put a heater into it so that the water doesn’t freeze. I’m told that it is plugged into a timer so that it is only on when the birds might want a drink. It saves electricity, whatever that is.

Occasionally a squirrel stops by for a drink as well. I’m not so sure about them. At first my “parents” thought they were so cute. But then they started digging in the planters and sampling the tomatoes in the garden. What’s a cat to think?

That’s enough about me and my life. I’m sure you would like to watch the birds as much as I do. Why not give it a try and follow some of the tips I’ve given you. I must go now as my paws are getting tired from all this writing.  Besides, it’s getting time for my afternoon nap. Happy Birdwatching from my house to yours!

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