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The Tower Garden

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The Tower Garden

There are some new additions to the Kemper Center for Home Gardening. The St. Louis Master Gardeners purchased two Tower Gardens for the Center and they are up and operating. One is in the vegetable garden outside with pepper and tomato plants and the other is here in the upper level of the Kemper Center with herbs and flowers.  Missouri Botanical Garden is a learning garden so we try out the new products in order to pass it onto other visitors/gardeners.

The Tower Garden uses a system called aeroponics (growing plants in an air/mist environment without using soil). Some might confuse this with hydroponics (plant roots sit in nutrient blend water with a pump circulating the water repeatedly).

You can grow up to 20 different vegetables, herbs, or fruits in one Tower Garden. There is a grow light attachment with the indoor tower which is common when growing anything indoors. It has a 20 gallon reservoir with a ‘tower tonic mineral blend. Water, tonic and air flow through the tower every 15 minutes, touching the plant roots growing soil-less, healthy plants. The plants are wrapped in rockwool (a growing medium) after all soil medium is washed off then bare root plants are placed into net pots (small plastic mesh pot). You can also start seeds directly in the rockwool.

You use 90% less water; plants grow faster and produce 30% more crop than if planted in soil. Nutrient solution is added as needed and the pH levels are tested once a week with close monitoring of all the plants.

Come and see our Tower Gardens which will be on display all summer outdoors and throughout the year indoors.

A good resource for garden pests is the Advice, Tips and Resources  page found in Gardening Help. It has detailed information on all the pests that might decide to visit your garden. 

Debbie Kirkpatrick, Kemper Horticulture Assistant

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