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An Excellent Package of Fringe Benefits

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An Excellent Package of Fringe Benefits

A package of excellent fringe benefits often puts “the frosting on the cake” when it comes to a great job. How nice it would be if you could just pick from a menu to select the fringe benefits you would like in your “job package”.

When it comes to your landscape, you can select the type of plant you want and enjoy some excellent “fringe benefits” from those selections.

After the long winter we just experienced and continuing with the expanding spring, the fringe benefits from the landscape are hard to miss now. From the frost free bloom of the magnolias, the prolific bloom of the azaleas now to the peak of iris season, we have been offered a generous benefit package that will be difficult to duplicate.

One of the ornamental flowering trees that offers an excellent benefit package is the fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus). Here a list of its “benefit package”:

  • Grows in hardiness zones 3-9
  • Missouri native
  • Creamy white, fragrant and showy flowers
  • Showy fruit
  • Attracts birds
  • Good fall color
  • Small height and spread
  • Tolerates full sun to part shade
  • Medium water and low maintenance requirements
  • Tolerates clay soil and air pollution

 After witnessing its beauty here at the Missouri Botanical Garden, including the one pictured, you will pledge to plant one in your own landscape.

At the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening, we can help you choose a plant and its benefit package to suit your landscape. On this website, beginning with the Plant Finder Advanced Search feature, choose the type of plant you’re looking for and select some of the “fringe benefits” from the drop down menus and check boxes.

Just like with a job, if you’re asking for too many benefits at one time, you may not find a plant that offers as big a package as you would like. Just continue your search with a few less benefits or a combination of different ones to fill that “job”.

Perhaps you already know what type of plant you’re looking for and just want to use some of our suggestions. The plant selection section of our Visual Guides can serve as an excellent tool for finding plants with excellent fringe benefits.

When it comes to fringe benefits, here’s another great one from the Center for Home Gardening. You can talk to us in person! By phone, call the Horticulture Answer Service (M-F from 9-Noon @ 314-577-5143) or visit the “doctors” at the Plant Doctor Desk (Monday-Saturday from 10-3.)

Enjoy the rest of spring, and some excellent fringe benefits from the Garden and your plants!

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