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Heat and Drought  Can Combine to Create Crisis in the Landscape!
As summer temperatures climb to the mid- to high 90s and rain fails to fall we may begin to see the effects of drought and water stress on many plants.A quick assessment of your landscape may show the effects of leaf scorch, sunburn, and heat stress on a number of plants including dogwood, hydrangea and some tomato fruit that was not protected by foliage. With our cooler, wet spring some plants may also not yet be aclimated to the heat and show sign of stress. So start your scouting now.One...
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It's Time to Watch for Tomato Problems!

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It's Time to Watch for Tomato Problems!
OK, go ahead and admit it, I think we all do it! We compare notes and info with our friends, coworkers, relatives, and neighbors to find out who picked that first ripe tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum ).  It's been a cool start this year but by now tomatoes should be starting to ripen.  Every gardener has their “tricks” when it comes to winning the race.  Some gardeners purchase a plant that already has some blossoms or small fruits on it, but is that really fair? ...
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Hosta-Great for Shade but Sometimes Holey!

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Hosta-Great for Shade  but Sometimes Holey!
If you’re looking for a great herbaceous perennial that has it “made in the shade”, there are numerous species and cultivars of Hosta to fill that need and enlighten the landscape.Hostas are primarily grown for their diversity in leaf size, coloration, texture and shape, but the beauty of their flowers may also be a consideration when choosing a hosta. Flowers, sometimes fragrant, range in colors from white to shades of lavender and purple.Our Plant Finder pages will intr...
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