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As you might expect we in Gardening Help are frequently asked to recommend good plants for the area. Several years ago, to assist with this, we began polling area nursery staff and horticulture professionals on the best plants for the St. Louis area. They provided us with a great list of plants that we call our “Tried and Trouble-free” plants.  Some plants were recommended by several professionals and other by just a few. You have always been able to search for these plants...
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Don't Overlook the Need to Water Newly Planted Plants
Even though water hasn't been a problem for most lawns and gardens this year so far it is well to review when and how to water correctly. Also, newly planted plants can suffer from inadequate water even though rainfall is plentiful before their root systems have become established in the surrounding soil. Monitor all you plants, especially those that were just planted this year and start planning now for the inevitable dry spells that will come later. Except for lawns, which are watered with ove...
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Like your Fruits and Vegetables? Thank a Bee.

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Like your Fruits and Vegetables? Thank a Bee.
If you like your fruits and vegetables, you should definitely thank a bee. The domesticated honeybee is one of the most familiar beneficial insects and plays a key role in the pollination of many of our home and commercially grown fruits and vegetables. It is also an important pollinator of many agricultural crops and a large number of ornamental flowers, herbs, trees, shrubs, wildflowers and meadow plants. In addition to helping pollinate the things we love to eat, the honeybee’s pr...
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