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Now's the Time to start Your Cool-season Lawn Maintenance
Now is the ideal time to take a good look at our turf and determine what lawn maintenance practices are needed to nurse your lawn back to health and beauty.  Fall is the ideal time to plant or renovate a cool-season lawn. The extent and type of renovation needed will depend on an analysis of the amount of desirable turf that is still present in your lawn. This linked Kemper Factsheet on turfgrass renovation will guide you thru the steps needed to “bring back the green” t...
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Don't Overlook the Need to Water Newly Planted Plants
Even though water hasn't been a problem for most lawns and gardens this year so far it is well to review when and how to water correctly. Also, newly planted plants can suffer from inadequate water even though rainfall is plentiful before their root systems have become established in the surrounding soil. Monitor all you plants, especially those that were just planted this year and start planning now for the inevitable dry spells that will come later. Except for lawns, which are watered with ove...
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Weeds: What's in Your Lawn?

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Weeds: What's in Your Lawn?
This winter, like most, seems to have been an ideal recipe for producing an abundance of winter annual weeds in cool season lawns throughout the Saint Louis area. As warmer days arrive these plants, which have been there all winter, will take off like weeds!
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