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Decorating for the Holidays with Natural Materials

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Decorating  for the Holidays with Natural Materials
I was given the task of decorating the Kemper Center for the holidays this year. I love to decorate my house, but decorating the Kemper Center is an especially unique task, as we use all natural materials. Flowers are cut, air dried and made into small bouquets and, of course, our tree is adorned with gourds that staff and volunteers decorate every year. This year I thought I might try something different: bring in colors, low-maintenance projects and give visitors ideas for their own holiday de...
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Growing Citrus Indoors

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Growing Citrus Indoors
Have you ever thought how fun it would be to have your own lemon tree or an orange tree in your own home?  The flowers of citrus plants are delightfully fragrant, usually with thick snow white petals on flowers that pollenate, seemingly, like magic. We have been growing citrus trees, in pots, here at the Kemper Center for quite a few years now. We had a calamondin orange tree (Citrus x calamondin) for about five or six years. It was just a 6 inch cutting when we began. The fact that it was ...
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