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A Country Folk Art "Painting"

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A Country Folk Art
As you walk from Ridgway on your way to the Japanese Garden, you will see an amazing display in the center circle in front of the Kemper Center. A few of our Kemper Center horticulturist had a fantastic idea...take folk art paintings as inspiration for garden art.Dana and Tyler and their volunteers made a beautiful folk art garden display. An old plow and sickle bar mower are the focal points along with a farm wooden fence. Mounds of pansies Viola x wittrockiana and ornamental cabbage and kale B...
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Forsythia - a sign of spring

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Forsythia - a sign of spring
Before long, however, we at the Kemper Center for Home Gardening will be seeing one of our leading performers, a small hedge of Forsythia ‘Courtasol’ GOLD TIDE dwarf forsythia growing along the path of the Kemper Ground Cover Border, pop into bloom.
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