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Keep Outdoor Plants Watered!

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Keep Outdoor Plants Watered!
The St. Louis area is experiencing a critical drought with some areas behind on rainfall by as much as 9 inches. Normally we go into winter with sufficient rainfall to sustain plant health through the season. However, because of the current drought conditions, it may be necessary to provide supplemental watering, especially to newly planted material and evergreens. Trees, shrubs, lawns and perennials need supplemental watering during prolonged dry fall and winter periods to prevent root damag...
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Heat and Drought  Can Combine to Create Crisis in the Landscape!
As summer temperatures climb to the mid- to high 90s and rain fails to fall we may begin to see the effects of drought and water stress on many plants.A quick assessment of your landscape may show the effects of leaf scorch, sunburn, and heat stress on a number of plants including dogwood, hydrangea and some tomato fruit that was not protected by foliage. With our cooler, wet spring some plants may also not yet be aclimated to the heat and show sign of stress. So start your scouting now.One...
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Don't Overlook the Need to Water Newly Planted Plants
Even though water hasn't been a problem for most lawns and gardens this year so far it is well to review when and how to water correctly. Also, newly planted plants can suffer from inadequate water even though rainfall is plentiful before their root systems have become established in the surrounding soil. Monitor all you plants, especially those that were just planted this year and start planning now for the inevitable dry spells that will come later. Except for lawns, which are watered with ove...
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