Within our Gardening Help website you will find a wealth of information for the home vegetable gardener. We have factsheets on how to start a garden, visual guides that will show you how to grow vegetables in containers, frequently asked questions on vegetable gardening, and specific information on growing a wide selection of common and uncommon vegetables. We also have a complete listing of the most common insects and diseases that are problems on garden vegetables in the lower Midwest. Click the links below to take you to detailed information in each category.

Getting Started

These factsheets and guides give the basic information you need for starting a vegetable garden

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Visual Guides

Soil Improvement

Good soil is essential for any garden, especially a vegetable garden. Here are answers to some of the most common questions gardeners have about their soil and how to improve it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Crops to Grow

Here is information on how to grow many of the most common vegetables. Also, see the MBG PlantFinder links below for more information on specific vegetable varieties and crops.

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Visual Guides

Selecting a Variety

Here you will find information on the best varieties to grow in the lower Midwest.

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Gardening Calendar

Follow our "Gardening by Month" calendar of what to do in your garden. Click on "Tips and Tasks" on a month and scroll down to "Vegetables".

Additional Information

MBG PlantFinder

Click below to get a listing of vegetables included in our PlantFinder. Click on each vegetable in the list for more information.

University of Missouri Extension

Here you will find a wealth of excellent guides to vegetable gardening.